Age of the Earth is determined by science in different ways within 5 billion years , life on it there are more than 2 billion years . Thus, the greatest period of its existence, our planet was lifeless. A simple hydrocarbons and organic matter arising from them, began to appear on the earth's surface from the beginning of its formation . They served as the initial link of the long chain of transformations , which eventually led to the emergence on the earth's surface, its water shell and in the atmosphere of a large number of diverse and sometimes very complex substances . In the very nature of hydrocarbons already incorporated the possibility of such transformations (see Vol 3 DE , Art. "Organic matter around us"). But in order for them to happen , you need an adequate supply of energy from the outside. Such energy on the earth's surface was available in several forms: the radiant energy of the sun , particularly ultraviolet light , electrical discharges in the atmosphere , the energy of atomic decay of natural radioactive substances.
The possibility of complex organic compounds in those conditions , which were on the surface of the Earth in the early periods of its existence , we can prove even direct laboratory experiments . Recently, the American researcher S. Miller artificially reproduced primary environment of Earth's atmosphere , he missed a silent electric discharge through a mixture of methane, hydrogen , ammonia and water vapor. The result is a amino acids - the main components of the protein molecule. Indian scientist K. Bahadur in a similar experiment was amino sunlight . This experience through the use of ultraviolet rays significantly refined our scientists at the Institute of Biochemistry . Bakh USSR Academy of Sciences . Japanese scientist experiments Sh Akabori also showed how the conditions in the primary periods of the Earth's existence

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